• Wildlife Safari with Scenic Rafting Trip

Sunrise Wildlife Tour with Scenic or Whitewater Rafting Trip

On this tour, your guide will bring you to the best spots for viewing wildlife and teach you about the unique history and geology of the park. Breathtaking scenery and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing within Grand Teton National Park are sure to make a lasting memory for you and your family. The cooler temperature of morning provides optimal conditions for viewing wildlife on this tour. Species we will look for includes bison, pronghorn, elk, moose, osprey, bald eagle, bear, wolves and much more! Once you finish a half day in the park viewing from the car, get some fresh air on the Snake river. Choose between a relaxing 13 mile scenic float of the Snake river with lunch, or a more adventurous 8 mile whitewater float down the Snake river canyon.

Price:$204 for Scenic Combination (includes Lunch)
$210 for Whitewater Combination (14-man raft)
$219 for Whitewater Combination (8-man raft)
Duration:7-8 hours
Includes:Light snacks on the morning tour/plus lunch on the Scenic Float

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