Sunrise & Sunset Safaris

$145/adult | $125/child

Sunrise and sunset are the optimal times to view wildlife. Your knowledgeable biologist will guide you through the park and help you spot all kinds of wildlife and describe the behavior of each throughout your tour. Species we will look for include bison, pronghorn, elk, moose, osprey, bald eagle, bear, wolves and much more!

Summer Tours

On these tours in the summer take in the solitude of the changing light and watch as animals get their activity in while it is cool out.

Winter Tours

Morning and evening tours provide optimal conditions for viewing wildlife due to increased activity with many species. They conserve their energy during the night and these are the times of day that they are most active either coming out of sleep or settling down for it. Come on one of our sunrise or sunset safaris, look out for wildlife from the comfort of our Backcountry Safaris tour van and watch the changing light of the most beautiful time of day in the winter!

Sunrise and sunset wildlife tours are available year round. Contact us at (307) 413-9300 to book directly or request a reservation online using the button below.




$1,160 (up to 8 people)
per person cost for additional people

Please contact us for details and booking.


4 Hours


Snacks and drinks, HD binoculars and spotting scopes

Great Tour – Sunrise with Wildlife

On September 5, 2018 my husband and I went on the four hour Sunrise with Wildlife with Backcountry Safaris. We had requested Gus to be our guide and he was just wonderful. Completely lived up to the things we had been told. This was absolutely the best way to see the Grand Teton Mountains. Gus was so intelligent on the area, the wildlife and was a delight to be with. He took us to places to see views that we would not have been able to find on our own. We saw a black bear, moose, pronghorn and buffalo. Could not have asked for a better tour! I would highly recommend this tour. It was the perfect time and we saw just breath taking views. Thank you Gus for such a wonderful tour!

Gardendale, Alabama
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